Sunday, January 13

a slice of Germany - Brauhaus Zils

I haven't made A Slice of Germany post in such a long time! For a while now I've been relying on Marius to take pictures with his little pocket sized camera, so I can skip the hassle of my huge camera considering I'm usually wrangling Iris most of the time anyway. Well, from now on I am not allowed out of the house without my camera - for that simply makes for NO blog posts! Unacceptable. 

This Slice of Germany Post has been in my queue for many months now. These photos were taken during the summer, while the sun still shone his face. If you've been reading my blog for a while, you'll know that Marius and I really enjoy all that beer has to offer and we consider it one of our hobbies. We search out local breweries and have even started brewing our own beer!

Bräuhaus Zils is a lovely little brewery which is quite close to us. They serve traditional German food and have at least three varieties of beer available. We haven't been back since, but this is a nice reminder to make our way there again! 

Information outside the restaurant.

The entrance.

 The special of the day.

Summer flowers.

Coloring with great attention to detail.

My love.


We ordered a hefeweizen (wheat beer) and a dunkel (dark beer). 

Apfelschorle (apple juice with carbonation).


German-style onion soup - with chicken broth, onions, cheese, herbs and country bread.

Iris loves her bratwurst!

Delicious sauerbraten (sour roast).


Ice cream is very serious.

The view of the patio from the back stairs. 

Dried hops tied to the railing.

Inside - the bar and beer brewing going on in the background.

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