Thursday, December 27

merry christmas!

Merry Christmas! Marius has had over a week off for Christmas and we're all really enjoying the time he is able to spend at home. Our Christmas was quiet - just the three of us at our home in Germany opening presents in our living room and enjoying each other. Iris gifted us with the best present of sleeping in until almost 9am! We saw how Santa ate the cookies she left for him and opened the stocking full of presents he left for her. Then I made blueberry pancakes for us and then put together the smoked salmon on toast for snacking on while opening presents. Marius so thoughtfully surprised me with a bottle of champagne and we spent all of the late morning and early afternoon slowly opening presents.

Poor little Iris was pretty overwhelmed by everything different going on and was thus feeling a bit grumpy, but she loved all of her presents. She received many gifts, thanks to everyone who thought of us! Some of her favorites were the clothing/accessories, a huge kitty blanket, a tea set, a box set of Looney Tunes cartoons, a set of three stuffed puppies, a wooden toy with small screws for manipulating, a musical book, a huge wooden dollhouse and more! She has really been enjoying her new toys, accessories and books! 

Marius bought me a new laptop, a kettle, bloody mary mix, a wooden recipe box and some over-the-knee socks! My parents and sister got me lots of clothing related items as well as some adorable salt and pepper bowls, two bottles of delicious Marmite, and numerous other little things that I love! Marius' family got us a giftcard to Amazon which we love, as we use Amazon all the time and sent lots of clothing and books to Iris. Even the Kitty got a couple of new toys from Santa. 

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Happy christmas baby!

Kissing "My Lime!"

All the ingredients necessary for the best cookies ever. 

Best (secret recipe) cookies ever!
Decorating sugar cookies for Santa!

Christmas Eve cookie making.

Iris and Papa kisses.

Dumping sprinkles on the cookies.

Silly bunny!

Our Christmas tree.

Eating the little bit of cookie Santa left for her and opening her stocking.

Everything Santa brought her in her stocking, minus the horse covered fleece PJs that she immediately donned after opening.

One of the best parts of Christmas - Mo√ęt and smoked salmon on toast.

A bit overwhelmed with Christmas present opening, but loving her new accessories. 

Changing for the second time into her new clothes!

Pouring tea for everyone.

Playing with her new dollhouse!

My sort-of-risen Yorkshire Pudding!

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  1. Watch out, Germany! Sexy lady with over-the-knee socks coming through! That whole day sounds awesome. I’m glad you guys had such a great Christmas. Iris’ hair is getting so long, especially in the back! Her little painted nails are adorable too. You and your secret recipes! You’ve already ruined rhubarb pie for me, so I’m glad I won’t be able to taste your cookies. The photo of her kissing her papa over the Christmas cookies is gorgeous. I love her little owl PJ’s and that pink flowered hat too. Jane is having her Christmas in VA tomorrow, so we’ll have to find places in this house to put more toys… I’m sure you guys are filling up the rooms too. Happy New Year!