Thursday, August 9

spaghetti girl.

I must admit that during Marius' last deployment, I made a lot of spaghetti for dinner. It quickly developed into being Iris' most favorite meal in the world - as it is with most toddlers, right? Don't most children have the token "covered in spaghetti sauce" photos? I know I do. My mother put me in a highchair outside, let me cover myself, and then "hosed me down" with the hose! 

However, being clean during meals has always been one of our little girl's top priorities. In fact, unless she's only getting wet, she wants nothing to do with any kind of mess in her vicinity. That's why, when four nights ago she decided to devour four servings of spaghetti, I jumped at the opportunity to take her photo. It had been weeks since she'd had a spaghetti dinner and she was so very excited. After eating, there was copious dancing, smiling and laughing. She didn't make much of a mess compared to most children, but for her this is pretty unique!

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