Thursday, August 23


Sometimes I look back through my blog at all the old photos and descriptions of Iris and I quickly become teary eyed. 
My little baby has grown up and oh, so quickly it has all gone by. 

I wish I could hold the tiny, helpless kitten that was my newborn, one more time, 
to savor her scent and the way her little squirms against me made my heart so full to bursting with new love. 

I wish I could hear her soft coos, fresh and breathy against my ear, 
as now they've become echoes to strain for in my memory. 

I hope I never forget those first moments, weeks, months - I hope I don't forget the ones currently unfolding. 
I wonder - what Iris will be thinking, when she sees this many years from now? 

No matter what happens in the future, will she see how much I loved, love and will love her?

I hope so, my sweet baby.

I do love you.

Ready to go for a walk with her seals. 

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