Tuesday, July 17

twenty-one months.

My baby, you are talking up a storm these days! Not only are you now putting small sentences together, you are also beginning to understand the concept of emotions. Remember when you scraped your knee a few weeks ago? You will now point to the little pink scar and say, "all better... happy!" Your use of the word "no," has been toned down quite a lot. If we ask you a question such as, "are you hungry?" you will respond positively with, "hungee, okay!" You are even remembering the lines from certain books, your favorite being "Oh Kiiittyyy, where aaare you??" You are also making observations about the world, for example when it rains you'll look outside and say "all wet!"

You are becoming more adept at actually listening and responding to reason. While we try to convince you to do something you don't want to do, you will usually listen attentively and after weighing the matter, you'll concede. You grasp the concepts of doing something "first" or "waiting a moment," though patience is still an art you're learning! You almost always say, "thank you" after receiving something that you've asked for. You've learned that "at work" means Papa is away, and that "home" is now a constant place where we live (and also where the Kitty is!)

You've finally hit 22 lbs and 32 inches, which still leaves you in below the 10th percentile for weight and height for your age. However, you have a rather large cranium, which runs in the family! Your favorite food by far is oatmeal of any sort, which you eat a whole bowl of every morning. You've started to hold your utensils more with your fingers, rather than a fist and you've also started experimenting with eating with your hands more often. We've discovered that you adore peas and you're also partial to Schinken (German cured ham.) When we do our weekly shopping at the German grocery store Edeka, the ladies at the deli often offer you slices of meat or cheese which is quickly devoured. 

You love other kids; watching them, waving to them, and crying out "hi boy!" or "hi baby!" You can name all the colors of the rainbow, all of your body parts and even recognize and draw different shapes and types of lines like straight or curved. You can name many different letters of the alphabet and count to five, though you tend to only do that for Papa. You sing along to any song you're familiar with and seem to have a good grasp of the timing of notes and words. You are very happy in our new house in Germany; I can hardly believe how adaptable you are.

Your most favorite thing right now is to be outside, usually playing with your new water table or kicking your bouncy ball. I've also taken up walking with you in the stroller, which you adore. Outside, you are all smiles and laughter. You water the flowers, point out different types of bugs and run gleefully around the lawn and patio. You pick dandelions for Papa and gently run your fingers over the leaves of other plants. We take great pride in watching you grow and learn, my little love. Your gentle and passionate personality is a constant joy.


  1. What a lovely lively little girl!! I'm so happy you all are adjusting well to Germany and that the Kitty has joined you. xxo

  2. That's a cute little dress. Holy crap. Our kids are almost 2 years old...