Tuesday, July 24

a little update.

After many weeks of travel and constant change, we are finally settling into our new home here in Germany. We finally have phone and internet, after a month of waiting for the German cable company to get their act together. All of our furniture and other belongings have arrived by boat, so we finally got rid of the military base rental furniture yesterday. Most of the boxes are unpacked at this point, as I spent the last week dedicating myself to the task. Iris is very happy with our new house, and now that the rental furniture from the military base is gone, a large area of the living room is clear for her own personal play space. We just ordered her this play rug yesterday to soften an area of the tile floor for her. It should be great for the playmobile toys she loves so much!

For your enjoyment, here is a little video I took of her this morning. I will hopefully be more active here now that our PCS is complete. I am excited to share a slice of our life here with all of my readers! 


  1. An artist is born!

  2. I'm very happy to see your spaceship table arrived without damage. I know you would have been heartbroken if you had to get a new one...

  3. my fiancee is in the air force. Im happy your settling in Germany. He will deploy next year. My first time with him deploying. Should be interesting I suppose.

    1. Are you living in Germany too? My husband deployed last year from Sept - March and it was our first deployment as a married couple. It was hard at times, especially being a single parent while he was away, but we made it through and I'm sure you will too! :)