Friday, July 27

look alike.

One of the first restaurants we visited in Germany was a place that's locally named "The Truck Stop." However, it's really as far as you can possibly get from what Americans would think of when they think "truck stop!" There are huge indoor and outdoor dining areas, a brand new playground for the kids, and pastures all about the area where deer are raised! (Unfortunately, some of them do end up on the menu, but at least they are pampered by visitors until then...) Marius ordered a schnitzel, while I experimented by ordering something completely new to me - sauerbraten! Iris shared from our plates, and was most interested in the fresh pasta that came along with my meal. 

I snapped a few quick pictures of her eating, and of her and Marius playing with her new lacing toy. I laugh every time I see these photos because the two of them look alike so much, and even wear  identical expressions in each photo!

After we finished eating, Iris got a huge kick out of watching and feeding the deer! 
This has been such a lovely summer so far!

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