Saturday, February 25

teething woes.

The last few days haven't been much fun around here. Poor little Iris is still getting her second bottom molar. She has always taken teething very hard and becomes extra sensitive, easy to cry and needing of me. Her teeth also take ages to come in and cause her occasional fevers. The molar looks like it should cut soon, but has been terribly swollen. She has barely been eating solid food lately on account of how sore it is. One thing which does seem to help is cold coconut milk from her sippy. On top of the teething, I was quite ill the other day and still haven't entirely recovered. We had to cancel some fun plans we had with friends, though I will say that it was nice to sleep for twelve hours that night and Iris was very patient with the fact that I was confined to the couch for 48 hours.

So needless to say, we have done a lot of movie watching and couch cuddling over the last few days. I'm just grateful I got sick before Marius gets home! We went out for a walk today, but it was chilly and very windy. Iris fell down in a puddle and was perturbed that her leg got wet, then promptly fell again and scraped her hand a tiny bit. She barely noticed though, thank goodness. We came inside and she cried for a while, wanting to "go go go bye bye bye!" I changed her clothes again and we colored some pictures and played with stickers for a while until she felt better, She then gave the kitty some good kisses and played with him while I cleaned and planned meals for this week. I also took some photos of Iris today, though this little girl would not crack a smile no matter what I tried. 

IMG_4315 (1024x683)


IMG_4320 (1024x683)

IMG_4329 (1024x683)



We are all very ready for Marius to come home soon!

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  1. Most babies have a hard time during the teething stage. Yeah, cold drinks can help soothe the pain. Well, I hope your little Iris will pass this phase sooner.