Thursday, March 1



Marius came home to us on Tuesday of this week!
Iris was a little bit nervous at first, but that didn't last long. Even before we left the airport, she was already reaching for his hand and asking for his kisses. By the time we got home, she was sitting in his lap and hugging him. There is no doubt that she remembers her Papa and greatly missed him while he was away.

Marius will soon have two weeks off from work to spend time with us and to relax after his deployment. I've breathed so many sighs of relief since he returned happy, healthy and as much my loving husband as ever. 
Our family is whole again. 


  1. You 3 are so cute!!! <3 much love to you, Iris and of course Marius. I am glad that he has made it home safely.

    1. It is good to be back. Thank you.