Sunday, February 5

happy anniversary.

Two years ago on this evening, my love and I were wed. It was a very simple affair that took place in the office of the Justice of the Peace. Our sisters and two of our friends were there as witnesses. The ceremony was only a few minutes long, and I barely remember the words we spoke to each other from whatever standard script that is used. 

But, I do remember Marius's expression as he looked at me; so full of love and heart laid bare. 
I remember the way his lips moved around the words and the way his hands felt around mine as we exchanged rings. 
I remember the way my heart fluttered like a small bird. 
I remember our first embrace as husband and wife and how I felt I might burst with delight.

Marius is more than I could ever have asked for in a friend, teacher, husband and love. 
I have such pride in the home and family we have built; in our beautiful and intelligent daughter; 
in the balance we bring each other. 
Our honeymoon will never cease as we experience and explore everything this wonderful life has to offer - together. 

Thank you, My Love.
The last two years have been nothing short of extraordinary. 

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