Sunday, October 7

Iris' 2nd birthday party.

Iris was born almost two years ago on the date 10.10.10. It's truly hard to believe how the time flies! We had her 2nd birthday party today and she had such a wonderful time. I planned the party loosely around a woodland theme because Iris loves the movie Bambi. I handmade a birthday crown for Iris and also one for each of her three friends. I made a chocolate fudge cake with chocolate buttercream frosting and mini vanilla cupcakes to mimic toadstools. I was also inspired to make chocolate and Nutter Butter acorns and a cheese and almond hedgehog to suit the theme. I didn't want to go too crazy with decorating, but we did hang streamers across the ceiling and inflated lots of balloons for the kids to play with. Thank you to my friend for taking all of the photos below so that we could fully enjoy the day with our baby.

Iris was especially focused on everything today and was in such high spirits. Today, she gladly shared all of her toys, even the ones close to her heart. She smiled and giggled so often that if there was even one frown, I don't remember it. She wore her birthday crown with pride all afternoon. After about an hour of playing with toys, bouncing balloons across the room and snacking on assorted meats and cheeses, Iris proclaimed - "cake?!" We of course obliged and she sat in her Papa's lap as she awaited the cake's arrival. We sang Happy Birthday to her and she grinned and knew immediately to blow out the candles! She then helped me cut the cake and proceeded to occasionally ask me for "more chocolate? more cake?" for the rest of the day. 

With great interest and patience, she opened each one of her presents and marveled at all of them. She received many books, blocks and puzzles, along with several toys simply for the sake of play, all of which she immediately fell in love with. The deer decoration on her cake also became her very own "Bambi!" The grand finale of her presents - a piano which plays many different sounds including meowing, and Rody the bouncy horse! 

After the party we treated her to her favorite dinner and dessert - pizza and pomegranate seeds. She watched her new Little Bear movie as her eyes grew heavier, and fed pomegranate to her new toys. Marius and I asked her, "Iris, what was your favorite present today?" My sweet one, she replied, "friends." 

As I put her to bed tonight, it was one of the last times I will ever snuggle my one year old. 

Happy Birthday, my baby.

Eating a chocolate acorn and waiting for her guests to arrive. 

The girls patiently waiting for the boys to arrive.

The cheese and almond hedgehog I made.

The chocolate and nutter-butter acorns I made.

The cake! Can't see the birthday bunting here but there are the toad stool cupcakes. 

Family photo with our birthday girl. 

Bonking Papa with balloons!

One of her favorite games!

Overseeing the boy's activities.

Everyone playing so well together. 

Waiting for her cake to be brought out!

Happy Birthday!

This is the part where I barely managed to keep from bursting out crying.

Helping me cut the cake.

Very focused.

Licking the candles, a children's birthday staple!

Opening her presents!

One of the many books she received.

Using her muscles to "rip it!"

So excited to get Penguin Race from her Granny!

Hugging her new dragon stuffed animal.

Mama and Papa smiling both at Iris being cute... and wondering why we bought the most annoying toy ever!

The girls playing the meowing piano together.

It's RODY!!

Bouncing together!

Happy 2nd birthday, my baby.


  1. Oh my goodness. This is so sweet it makes me want to cry. Such a beautiful party and we are so blessed to be apart of it. Awesome job mommy!! I am for sure going to cry when Cindy turns two :p. Our babies are growing up way too fast!

  2. Aww you did such a beautiful job!!! Your family looks so happy - I especially love the 3rd to last photo when Iris sees Rody for the first time! I swear Mike and I will try and remember to send out her present this week!!

  3. These are awesome! That family picture turned out great and I love her little birthday outfit! I cannot believe you guys bought her that keyboard. I hope it gets stuck on the meow setting.Her face when she sees Rody is priceless and her kiss with you is a beautiful picture. Wish we could have been there.

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