Friday, September 28

a slice of Germany - Brauhaus Kloster Machern

I am getting a bit behind on my Slice of Germany posts. Perhaps I should spend more time blogging and less time devouring German food and drink? Doubtful! Anyway, several weeks ago we visited the Brauhaus Kloster Machern. We arrived a bit too late to see their museum and gift shop and also had a bit of a time taking photos in the low light, but it was a really enjoyable trip nonetheless. There was a restaurant, an ice cream shop and a small wine shop and cafe, all of which we indulged in. 

We dined on plates of sliced pork with sauce, bratwurst and homemade sauerkraut, then moved next door where Iris had an ice cream and Mama and Papa had glasses of delicious house wine. The area also had a small built-in playground which we shared with Iris before leaving. Brauhaus Kloster Machern was a lovely place to spend a relaxing evening.

A fountain outside the main restaurant.
The wine cafe.
A look inside the wine cafe.
View of the vineyard from the patio.
House wine.
An antique which we think was a pump of some kind.
Enjoying the wafer that came with her ice cream.
She loves her ice cream!

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