Friday, January 13

15 months.


Three days ago, you turned fifteen months old. You have become so communicative I can hardly believe it! You constantly parrot things that I say or that our friend Ms. Julie says. You often point to yourself, to say "I/me/my" - for example, you point to food, then to your mouth. Speaking of food, you love blueberries, quinoa, butterkase cheese, avocado and blueberry kefir. You are also quite taken with drinking coconut milk from your straw sippy-cup. You drink about a cup a day in addition to nursing, and sometimes even some water on top of that! You still call mama-milk "mememe," which melts my heart.

You still ride in the Ergo on my back, which is perfectly comfortable for both of us. You also love to sit in shopping carts when we're out and about. You can point to almost all of your body parts now, and you know all sorts of different animal sounds. One of your bottom molars has come in and I think the other one will shortly follow. You have started glaring when you don't like or want something and waving your hands about as though to say, "begone from my sight!" I really can't help but smile at your very grown-up emotions.

We've had some issue lately with not listening to Mama when I say to "sit on the couch" and not stand. However, I've come up with a little song about it which helps you listen a bit more often. It goes: "we sit on the couch, we sit on the couch - you put your bum on the couch, you put your bum on the couch!" You are very amused by it too. You also love to pull the DVDs off the shelves, though telling you "those are Papa's, please put them away" can usually deter you. 

I have always allowed you come into the bathroom with me, so that you could learn about the potty from the very start. Your new bathroom routine involves saying "peepee, peepee," setting your potty infront of me and sitting. After a moment, you point to yourself, then to the toilet paper, then... you try to wipe me, and finally put your potty away. So, it seems you've really got the idea, little one! When you poop in your diaper, you run over to me and say "poopoo! poopoo!" You've even started pointing to yourself, then to the clean diapers as though to say, "please change me mama!" I know you will start to really use the potty when you're ready, and until then it's great fun to watch you practice!

You tap your chest and say "buh buh buh!" when you want me to read you a book - and god forbid if I don't read immediately! You'll run off and return with one book at a time, slowly compiling a stack. You climb into my lap with a book to be sure I'm going to read it to you. We read each one over and over - your favorite ones are about Papa. You love to play with the kitty with his toys; he really appreciates that you amuse him rather than torment him! Though you're honestly very gentle with him and he allows you to pet him much more often.Your favorite toy is the play kitchen. You are already engaging in pretend play, which I find pretty amazing. You stir your "speespee" (spaghetti) in the pot, you hold out the spoon for me to taste and you pretend to taste the play food too. 

Not long ago, you were drinking from your sippy cup and offered me a sip - you're so wonderful with sharing. I sipped and you immediately ran over to Papa's photo on the refrigerator and pressed the cup against his face too. I almost cried, you beautiful girl. You also love your Papa doll so much. If I ask you where he is, you run into your room and grab him from beside the bed. You give him big hugs and kiss him on the face! You've started saying "muah!" when you give kisses - but only Papa gets them; no kisses for Mama! At least I get to snuggle up with you at night!

Around bed time when I ask if you're ready for a bath, you always point to yourself and then ask "buboo!?" Bubble!? You love scooping bubbles into your hands for me to blow into the air. I have to comb your hair after baths, as it's starting to get long now. We read a few stories in bed as you lean against me and then nurse to sleep. I say this every month when I write to you, but can't help it - it's amazing to watch you grow and learn! I will always love you, my baby.

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