Thursday, September 29

my toddler.

Not long after writing Iris' 11.5 month update, she decided to have a huge growth spurt! During these times, she nurses constantly, wants to be on me all the time and sleeps very little. It's always a bit rough on both of us but this time seems to have been the most difficult so far. The night before last, I got around 3 hours of sleep, I am beyond sore from excessive nursing, Iris has been crying a lot and hanging on me so I can't do anything without her (or I listen to her scream and cry after putting her down). Today has been much better.

On the other hand, it's been awesome to watch her beginning to do a whole bunch of new things all at once! Two days ago, I was talking to a friend and mentioned how much better Iris' balance had gotten. I said, "I think she'll be walking soon!" No less than two minutes later, Iris took her very first 3 steps all by herself!

I was dumbfounded and totally in shock. I thought it would be at least another month! But when she has a growth spurt, she has a growth spurt. Since then she has also learned where her nose is and grabs it when I ask. She knows the words 'lion' and 'tiger', can recognize them and knows that they are big kitties! She knows what 'high-five' means and will hold her little palm up with a smile. She knows what 'open' and 'closed' are and will open and close cupboards when I ask her to. She has started saying 'boo!' while playing peekaboo with me! She can also take up to nine whole steps in a row! 

Oh, my baby has gotten so big she's not even a baby anymore. She is a toddler! She has all the spunk, personality and independence of a toddler. She is so strong and beautiful and bold. Every day is a new adventure.

IMG_3012 (1024x683)
I love you, my sweet bunny.

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