Sunday, September 25

Iris' first birthday - one month early

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Iris' first birthday was celebrated one month early on September 10. I wanted Marius to be there for her birthday, even if he can't be here for the actual date. We invited as many close friends as could fit comfortably in our little apartment, opened presents, ate delicious food and played with lots of babies. Iris enjoyed playing with her friends but was a bit confounded by her first cupcake. She got lots of help opening presents from her friend Izzy! My baby was very tired by the end of her party, but had a good time nonetheless and so did the adults!

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I spent many long hours making all the decorations for her "Goodnight Moon" theme. Most of the time went into the huge (5' by 6' or so) mural we hung in the kitchen - a scene I painted from the book! My good friend made the gorgeous bunny-in-bed cupcakes; she is so creative! Thank you to everyone who was a part of her birthday celebration!

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