Wednesday, November 21

turkey day.

Yesterday, Iris and I had a Thanksgiving themed play date with one of our friends! I brought some supplies for crafts and our friend made some super cute turkey shaped sandwiches for their lunch! They shared toys so well with each other while playing and chased each other around squealing and laughing. After playing inside for hours, we took them out to the bridge nearby to feed the ducks. Iris had such a great time with her little friend; she was so happy and energized for the rest of the day!  Here is a post my friend made on her blog Make It Cozee! Here are a few photos she took!

Iris' turkey craft - an original craft idea by Me - though the huge googly eyes were Iris' inspiration!

Turkey sandwiches by Make It Cozee

Our little baby-burritos going "nigh-nigh" together!
Goodbye hugs!

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